Monday, June 29, 2009

Air Force Academy, Colorado

June 27, 2009
Today we are in Colorado, and yesterday we finished all of our school. My brothers are all done. Now we’re on summer break!

Today we went to the stables and went horseback riding. My horse was named Peewee, because he was so short. I liked Peewee because he was a fast runner. We went riding in the woods on trails and it was really fun. We went on narrow trails and big, fat ones too.

We went to a place called Royal Gorge, and it’s a deep crack in the mountains. The Arkansas River cut through the big mountain. We saw the highest suspension bridge in the world, and it’s over 1,000 ft. above the river. We went on a tram. Then we went on the Skycoaster. It’s this big thing when you go up, and then the man says, “3, 2, 1.” Then I pulled this little rope, and it dropped us for a free fall. We went 50 mph! Will and Ben went with me. It was really scary, especially when we were hanging over the cliff. I want to do that again.

Next, we went to a cowboy place where they did a draw and they were fighting over a girl. About 5 or 6 men died in the shootout. They weren’t really dead, but they used black gun powder. It sounded just like a real gun. We went to a movie theater and we learned how they made the bridge.
Then we walked across the suspension bridge. We dropped pennies, and the wind blew them different ways. We heard about a man who flew over the bridge with a jetpack in just 19 seconds. Next, we went down on an inclined railway to the river. We saw river rafters come by. There were a whole bunch of hummingbirds too. They were so cute. Oh, and we saw a black bear running today! We were really close, like 10 feet away. It was awesome because we were in our car.
Yesterday, we went swimming and I did dives off the high dive. It was 3 meters high. Also, we met 2 kids named Tiger and Trevor at the RV park. We had a pinecone fight for fun. Also, we went to the pool with Spencer and Clayton. We went bowling, and it was really fun.

It’s kind of hard living in an RV. We’ve been living this way for a year. It’s a small space. But it’s good because we’ve been seeing a lot of friends. We saw state parks, Disney World, went surfing in Florida, and visited Europe.

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