Monday, July 27, 2009

West Sand Lake, New York

Today we are at Poppa’s farm with our cousins. About two days ago, our cousins left for Canada. Now it’s just our family, Poppa, Uncle Clipper and Aunt Wendy. I like being here because I always wanted to live on a farm. Also, we got horses about four days ago from Uncle Eric! The horses are staying here for a long time. Their names are Ricario and Willow.

We’re done with our journey and the tour of America! I’m happy to have more space than living in the RV. Also I’m kind of sad because I miss Disney World and the lifestyle of going to lots of places. Another favorite place was Ontario, Canada. But we get to go there in a week! Nappanee, Indiana was one of my favorite places because the Amish people are really nice, and I liked going to Mrs. Marlene’s. I really liked going to Key West because of the good snorkeling. Michigan was fun because we have family there. I really liked going to Europe because of all the old castles. Niagara Falls was a cool place too, and I liked seeing the Daredevil Museum.

We’re going to live at Uncle Fred’s house. It’s like one mile from here so I can ride my bike to the farm to play with my cousins. There’s going to be a lot of chores like mucking the stalls and getting eggs from the chickens and painting the fence. That’s the bad part. The good part is we have horses to ride, and we get to see our cousins. Dad grew up here a long time ago. Also, we get to see Nana and Poppa almost every single day! Poppa gave me a tractor trailer truck to play with!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New York, Indiana, Illionios, Iowa

July 15, 2009

Today we went to the waterfalls called Niagara Falls. This one’s a lot different because it’s a lot bigger and wider than most waterfalls. The water is pretty clean and also there are dare devils who go down it in barrels. Not all of them live doing it. Some people die. One lady went down it in a wooden barrel and she only used 2 cushions and a pillow. She went down it with her cat. The cat died, but she didn’t. A 7-year old boy slipped off a boat and went down the Falls without any floats. He lived! One man was trying to commit suicide, but he lived. There’s a big whirlpool further down the river. I want to ride my boogie board on it!

Before this, we stayed at a Sam’s Club parking lot. Yesterday we were in Nappanee, Indiana. We stayed at the Newmar place again. We saw Ms. Marlene, and Princess the Pony. Also, we went in an outside buggee without a top. It was warm, and I sat in the very back with no seat.

And we saw Ms. Sara again! We went to this really awesome Mexican restaurant, but I drank too much soda and ate too many chips so I didn’t have enough room for the other food.

I helped out with chores at Ms. Marlene’s house. I mucked the horse stalls and swept the barn. We rode ponies, and had a water fight.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado

July 11, 2009
Today we drove a long ways. Yesterday we did the same thing. Last night we stayed in a Walmart parking lot. There were not too many campers, but there were a lot of tractor trailers.

Yesterday we were in Wyoming. We went horseback riding, but we didn’t get to gallop. My horse’s name was Hoss and it was a boy. It was pretty fun and we were in a big field. It was this little ranch and there was a baby horse, a baby llama, and there were cows and ponies. We also saw ostriches!

Now we’re in Nebraska. We see fields of crops like corn. Right before we left Colorado, we went down a river on boogie boards. And it was a white water river. There were these little waterfall things. Kayaks would do tricks on them. My board was facing up the river, and it was going kind of diagonal. It would make like a whirlpool that pushed me up the river! I felt like I was just sitting on the water!

We saw the Galvins again and went for a walk. We also spent the Fourth of July together. I was crying the whole time because I was just so annoyed by getting bullied by Will. We ate angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries. It was really fun seeing all the fireworks.
Then we went to a giant beer place named Coors, and I got as much soda as I wanted. I learned how they make beer, and you have to be 21 to drink it. Also we went to Buffalo Bill’s Museum, the cowboy. The reason he was called that is because he was really good at hunting buffalo. I wore a cowboy hat and sat on a fake horse. Colorado is a cool place, and it’s fun to be there. I hope Dad gets a job at Colorado!

Also we went and saw the police department for my Cub Scouts. Police are very special because if there were no police, bad guys would run around and kill people. The officer showed us tasers and guns. I got to sit in a police car and make the siren go.

Ben got a big puffy eye and he had to go to the Children’s Hospital. They did surgery on him, and he looks fine now. He was in there for five days. I want it to be the end of his eye problems.
We saw Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen. It was really awesome because they did big fights.