Saturday, July 18, 2009

New York, Indiana, Illionios, Iowa

July 15, 2009

Today we went to the waterfalls called Niagara Falls. This one’s a lot different because it’s a lot bigger and wider than most waterfalls. The water is pretty clean and also there are dare devils who go down it in barrels. Not all of them live doing it. Some people die. One lady went down it in a wooden barrel and she only used 2 cushions and a pillow. She went down it with her cat. The cat died, but she didn’t. A 7-year old boy slipped off a boat and went down the Falls without any floats. He lived! One man was trying to commit suicide, but he lived. There’s a big whirlpool further down the river. I want to ride my boogie board on it!

Before this, we stayed at a Sam’s Club parking lot. Yesterday we were in Nappanee, Indiana. We stayed at the Newmar place again. We saw Ms. Marlene, and Princess the Pony. Also, we went in an outside buggee without a top. It was warm, and I sat in the very back with no seat.

And we saw Ms. Sara again! We went to this really awesome Mexican restaurant, but I drank too much soda and ate too many chips so I didn’t have enough room for the other food.

I helped out with chores at Ms. Marlene’s house. I mucked the horse stalls and swept the barn. We rode ponies, and had a water fight.

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