Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Orlando, Florida

Feb 16
Now we’re not at Disney World. We just left. When our friends left, Sophia was crying. She was so sad that she was leaving. That was good because that means she had a good time. I gave her a big hug. I really liked the day when we didn’t go to any parks because I got to stay with them and we played a lot. We went swimming and then we had a tennis game in the morning. We were just practicing. I like the presents they gave to us like the magic tricks. The first ones I want to learn are the coins trick and coloring book trick. We did a treasure hunt for chocolate in their rooms. It was Valentine’s Day and they were shaped like hearts. Ms. Julia hid the hearts, and she gave Mom and Dad chocolate that tasted like wine. We went paddle boating, and then we went miniature golfing. Sophia got a hole-in-one two times!

Then we went to Blizzard Beach for a second time. It was my favorite day because the lines were so short because it was pretty cold. We did Summit Plummet four times. My butt still kind of hurts because you go over 50 mph and the water hits hard. Also this wave pool is really big and there are huge waves. For our last night we went to Hollywood Studios, and then Disney Quest.

Feb 13
Blizzard Beach is my favorite Disney park. It’s a huge water park, and the biggest slide is called Summit Plummet. It goes over 50 mph and you go straight down. You have to keep your legs crossed. It lasts only 3 seconds because you go so fast. I was scared at first. The line was about 1 hour long, but it was so worth it!

Also, there was a water slide with awesome turns and you go on a purple mat. It was a really hot day, perfect for going there. There was a huge raft called Teamboat Springs. A whole bunch of people go in the raft and you go on these huge turns. They had a huge wave pool, and I stood on a tube and then fell over. A wave pool is where they make these huge waves. I don’t know how they make them. There’s a lazy river that goes slow with a current. All these people go in tubes. If there’s a traffic jam, you just swim under the people in the tubes.

I got lost for about 5 minutes at this beach. I asked a man who works in a little bakery. So I was crying, and he walked me to the “lost kids” area. My Mom almost walked past me and then I gave her a hug. Earlier, my Mom walked past it, and there was a mom there who had tears on her cheeks because she couldn’t find her child.

Also there was a racing water slide with 8 people at a time. I didn’t win, but Will did because he’s the heaviest. My Dad won out of the adults.

Yesterday we had a school day. We went swimming here. Our friends went to Animal Kingdom. Last night we went to Mr. Roger’s hotel. He played a lot of awesome songs. Jackson can play the harmonica. The pool was the shape of a guitar. In the middle where the hole is, there were three birds. Donald Duck and 2 green ones would shoot water out of squirt guns at the swimmers. Donald Duck’s was the best because it went the farthest. Jackson and Parker are really tall now. Jackson is a pretty good swimmer, and Parker’s a really good swimmer. We played hide and seek with these little toy guns. I shot the most people when I was hiding in the bushes. Mrs. Hoselton is really pretty and it was good to see her.

Feb 11
Yesterday we went to Epcot again! We went with Alex, Sophia, Mr. Matt, and Ms. Julia. It was our first time on Test Track, and it’s the fastest ride in all of Disney World! You get in a car, and it tests your brakes and you go on bumpy roads. You go into a heat room and then a freezing cold room. Then you go full speed. When it looks like you’re going to run into a wall, the wall opens up. Then you’re outside and you go super fast and you do these awesome curves.

We went on Spaceship Earth, which is the big golf ball of Epcot. You go on this slow ride and you see different countries and things like telephones from back then. You also see Ancient Greece, cavemen hunting big mammoths, cowboys, and scientists discovering new things. We went to Italy and they have little shows. We saw an Italian juggler with a little gondola on wheels. It opened up and he had umbrellas that he could juggle. He could juggle soccer balls. A little 2-year old threw a ball into a net he had. Then Sophia was a volunteer and so Sophia got the net. She went really far back and he threw the ball and she caught it. And then everybody did a round of applause for her.

At this hotel, it’s really nice because it has 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a kitchen table, and a patio. Also, it has a swimming pool. It’s really nice and warm, and there’s a Jacuzzi. We go there and play this awesome game with torpedoes. Alex and Sophia are really good swimmers and we have fun together. I sleep really well at night!
Today we’re going to Blizzard Beach! The weather is really nice. I love this place!

Feb 10
Now we’re staying at a hotel. We went from our campsite to a hotel because our friends Alex, Sophia, Julia, and Mr. Matt are here from California. It’s a lot funner having friends because we have a big group. It’s easier not to get lost. Now we have 10 people, not just six.

We went to Hollywood Studios, but I didn’t get anybody’s autograph. I got an autograph book from my friend, Chance. There are people dressed up like Disney characters. I get to take pictures with them, and get their autographs in my book. Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald Duck, Pluto, Rafiki, Jiminy Cricket, and Angel our flight instructor signed it. Hollywood Studios has a ride called Toy Story Mania, and you get on a cart. There are these cannons and you shoot things. I rode with Will. We went on a guitar roller coaster, and I didn’t really like it.

We went to see Indiana Jones, and he almost got run over by a giant ball bigger than him. Trucks caught on fire, and the last part had a real airplane. They were fighting, but it wasn’t real fighting. Also, it looked like the bad guy got chopped up by the propeller. We saw a car stunt show where a man caught on fire. There were motorcycle cops chasing a bad guy. They did jumps too.

We saw a show about Mickey Mouse beating up all the bad guys called Fantasmic. It was at night time, with fireworks and water. There were lasers too. I liked it because Mickey Mouse got all the bad guys, like witches and snakes.
The campground was really nice where we camped. I liked it because the buses took us all over. I rode my bike there. Now the weather is really nice and we wear our shorts and t-shirts. Soon we are going to Blizzard Beach. Today we’re going to Epcot!

Feb 8
Right now we’re at Disney World! The first place I went to was the Magic Kingdom. One of my favorite places wasn’t at Disney though. It was Sky Venture. It’s all about a wind tunnel. You stand above the huge propeller. You start to go in the position you sky dive in! It blows wind up under you, and then you go up in the air and it’s just like flying! If you know what skydiving is, you jump out of an airplane, and it’s just like that. My instructor taught me to always look up. Don’t look down or you’ll go down. He showed us all the things you don’t do like wobble all around. The arch means you bend your back. My arch was really good. I felt like a bird! Then I watched myself flying on the TV later!

Now I’m going to talk about the Magic Kingdom. I’ve never been there before this trip. At 8:00 they set off a whole bunch of fireworks. There’s something called Space Mountain. You go in a little car and it shoots you everywhere. It’s really dark so you cannot see the track. It’s a roller coaster. On the first day, I went four times! I went on Splash Mountain. It’s a story about Briar Rabbit. The fox wants to eat the rabbit. He goes hunting and catches the rabbit. Then the rabbit said, “Do whatever you want to do, but PLEASE don’t throw me in the briar patch.” So the fox threw the rabbit in the briar patch, and the rabbit got away. Then you go down this really cool thing, and you get soaked! It was really rainy that day, so the lines were really short.

Also we did Big Thunder Mountain. It’s really fast and it feels like you’re going to flip out. It’s a roller coaster. We did Pirates of the Caribbean. I really liked Tom Sawyer’s Island because you can shoot guns that make real noises. At the Swiss Family Robinson’s Tree house, we saw where they danced in the movie, their bedrooms, and where they ate their meals.

Then we went to Animal Kingdom. We went on Disney buses. My favorite one was Expedition Everest with the Yeti. The Yeti broke the track, and so the roller coaster starts going backwards. Then you go really fast and see the shadow of the Yeti. I saw the Yeti on my second ride. It was all hairy and had red eyes. There’s so many animals carved in the Tree of Life. Artists came and carved all the animals into the fake tree. There’s a bunch of real animals also. One of my favorite rides was the safari ride where you get to see giraffes, elephants, ostrich eggs, lions, and tigers. We even saw poachers who sneak into Disney World, and we found their camp. Also at Animal Kingdom, I found a brush at the petting zoo. I got to brush sheep and goats. We saw a Nemo show, with people carrying the fish. The show was like the whole movie.

I was really surprised to see my friend Chance all the way from Alaska. He had his birthday with me at Disney World. We went to Magic Kingdom. We did all the rides. It was super fun, even more fun that the other day because I was with Chance. Now he’s 7, like me! His Grandma was there too, and she bought me a toy car. Chance’s Dad and Mom were there too. I got to spend the night with them, and Chance got “Wally” for his D.S. My favorite ride with Chance was The Haunted House. It was freaky and pretty long. Also at Space Mountain, we saw the control tower because it was Chance’s birthday! We went in the Fast Pass lane. We saw how many carts were on the track. There were about five.

Chance got a Goofy hat that’s green and has long ears. I have the same hat. Also, Chance and his family came to our campground. We went to a campfire where we saw Chip N Dale. We cooked marshmallows and made S’mores. We went to a beach and saw Magic Kingdom’s fireworks. I played volleyball with Chance at the beach. It was really fun.

After Chance left, we went to Epcot. It’s another park. The first ride we did there was Soarin’. You get to see the San Francisco bridge, skiers, and a golf course. Then we went to a show called “What’s Your Problem?” and Will got called to be in it. At Innoventions, it was really cool. There’s this game you can download onto your computer. It’s a computer game with pictures of us in it. We had to dance, run in place, and jump in place and they took pictures. They you play the game and see yourself in it!

We went to the Mission Space ride. Robby was the pilot, and I was the navigator. Ben pressed every single button. I had to navigate to Mars. It was cool when we took off, and I tried to put up my legs but I couldn’t! The G-forces were too strong! We saw Crush, the turtle from Nemo. It was really funny. He could talk to us and ask us questions. He told us to say “dude” for the rest of the day, and that our parents would love us for it!

At Epcot, you could visit a lot of countries like Germany, France, Canada, and China. We saw chopsticks, and I got a set. They’re for playing. There were kids who were acrobats in China. They did flips, and they climbed all over each other. One was on a board balancing on a can. He threw these bowls up and caught them on his head. Then he flipped up a can and caught it on his head, and then a spoon that fell into it. He got frustrated because he couldn’t catch some. Then we went on this ride with three birds like Donald Duck from Mexico.

There were fireworks. Then this world came out on a boat and it opened up. There was fire inside of it that lit off more fireworks. I liked the fireworks at Epcot because they had this rhythm. They would shoot them off to music. Also, there was this belly dancer who was really good.
Today I’m going to go play with my chopsticks. We’re leaving this campground. Then we’re going to a beautiful hotel with Sophia and Alex from California!

Feb 1
Today we stayed at McDill Air Force Base. There is a man named Colonel Miller and his wife is Ms. Sue, and they have four puppies. My favorite one was called Chunky Butt because he had a really funny belly when I picked him up. He liked to bite on my finger and it really tickled. The other ones are called Shadow, Rosie, and Little Toes. Little Toes got his name because he has skin poking out that looks like an extra toe. It’ll get off when he gets older. They had us over for a nice dinner. COL Miller showed us turtles and we fed them dog food! Their son’s name is Justin and I like watching him do cool things on his computer, like how a motorcycle went over 100 miles per hour.

We went to a really cool museum in Tampa and we saw a movie about extreme sports. There are surfers who go on huge waves. They get towed by a jet ski until they’re right at a big wave and then they let go. Sometimes they fall, and sometimes they’re successful. We saw the Body Worlds where it shows you actually how special your body is, and you have to take care of it. Smoking and getting fat are bad for you. Getting sad can make you die too, so always be happy. They aren’t like manikins. They’re real live bodies that are dead. You can see the bones, because the skin isn’t there. There are the blood lines, and some were blue because there isn’t enough air in them. If it’s red, then there’s enough air in the blood. We got to hold a real kidney that used to be in a guy’s body.

I went to a beach on Treasure Island, and there were seagulls that were trying to get the bread we were carrying. They chased us really far. We fed them and threw the food straight up in the air.