Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31

Today is Halloween and we’re going to Uncle Eric’s house. We just left New Jersey and we had a really fun time visiting Mr. and Mrs. O’Neil, Matthew, Sarah, and Kayla. We went to New York City and we got to see the Empire State Building. It’s really windy at the top of it, and I could see far because it wasn’t cloudy. My favorite things to see were boats on the Hudson River, and tiny people. They were tinier than my fingers! We got to go on this really cool boat and the tour guide asked where we were from. I walked up and talked into his microphone, so he let me sit in the captain’s chair and steer for a little bit. We saw the Statue of Liberty and it was green and white mixed together like turquoise. It was huge, and was the biggest staue I ever saw. Her toe was bigger than 11 people! We saw huge buildings and two long, huge bridges called the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. At night time, we saw so many cool lights in Times Square. I lit a candle and said a prayer at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. There were so many statues there. We rode a train under the river to New Jersey and I sewed my puppy on the train.
At West Point is where my Dad went to college. There was a pool so deep there where he learned how to scuba dive. My favorite thing we did was gymnastics and the obstacle course. I had to army crawl under some bars and then I had to jump over a bump. Then I had to climb a net and do monkey bars and jump off. Next I had to jump through a tire thing, walk a balance beam, climb a wall, and then run 3 laps around a track. I had to climb down a rope and then I was done. We saw a football game and the Army team won. It was really fun. We saw people in grey uniforms called cadets. We went to a boy named Bradley’s house, and he has lots and lots of nerf guns. His Dad is Colonel Johnson and he gave Ben an Army hat. We played air hockey and had a lot of fun there. We made a friend with Colonel Knott’s son named Aaron. Will accidentally pushed Robby down too hard, and Robby has to use crutches. His ankle is wrapped in a bandage. It’s not broken but it’s and
We went to a campground. It was so cold it was snowing! We went in a paddle boat. Before that, we were at Mystic, CT. We saw a woman in a blacksmith’s shop make a hook for a hat. When we went into the printer’s shop, there was a boy named David and he’s going around the world on a sailboat. He’s home schooled too with Calvert just like us. We played in the park together. We saw boats that teenagers learn how to sail in the summer. Also, I went on one boat but it didn’t go anywhere. When it goes into the water, it tips so that one side of the deck goes underwater that they use for fishing.
Right before that, we were at Rhode Island and it’s the first place that I got to play with my fishing boat. We saw so many crabs under rocks. I grabbed the biggest one and we started collecting a whole bunch. Some only had some legs and one claw. Then we let them all go. We went on a walk called the Cliff Walk. Right on the left of us was a huge cliff into the Atlantic Ocean. We saw huge mansions on the way that they called summer cottages.
Before Rhode Island, we went to Boston. At Concord we got to see a movie about the Revolutionary War. I got a book called Sam The Minuteman. I really like it. In Boston, we rode lots and lots of trolleys. We saw the Boston Harbor, lots of statues, and Fenway Park where they play baseball. There are awesome fountains that go in a pattern and I got blasted two times. It chases you around in circles. It was so much fun.
We went to a restaurant with Cousin Sally and Jeffrey Bump. There were lobsters. You know hnow you can tell if it’s a boy or girl lobster? If it’s squishy right before the tail, it’s a girl. If there are these feathery things, it’s a girl. If it’s hard, then it’s a boy.
We went to Cousin Steve’s and one of his best friend’s house. We had lots of fun with all these erf guns. I played with Cousin Georgia and I saw her school and got to play at their park.

Friday, October 17, 2008

October 11

Today I’m at cousin Tucker’s house in New York. They live in the country and they have a farm and there are chickens and turkeys. Daddy grew up here. We went to the haunted State Capitol. We saw a devil’s face, faces on the wall, and stories about people dying there, and ghosts! Then we slept outside on the top of the hill all night. It was fun. We went to an assembly at Avery’s school.
We went to Bryce’s house in Vermont, and he taught us how to skate board. I had a birthday, and it was a week ago and I’m 7! I had cake and it was yummy. For my birthday, I got 2 boats. Ms. Victoria gave me erasers and a game called “Are We There Yet?” We went to Bromley’s fun park and there was this really cool trampoline bungee thing where you could do back flips. We went on the giant swing and we had fun. We went on the Alpine Slide. There’s a cart you go down on, and if you go too fast you might flip over.
At Maine, there was this one really awesome camp sight. There’s 8 inch goldfish! There are frogs and boats you can play with. We went swimming and it wasn’t very cold.
In New Brunswick, there’s a huge tide. When the bell rings you have to get out in time. It was really muddy and we liked exploring. The rocks were carved by the water coming in and out.

Sept 22
Today is Ben’s birthday party and he’s 9 years old! We’re having a great time. We just stopped at Walmart and Ben got a really cool remote control car, and we camped there.
We’re at Nova Scotia and we went to Halifax. There’s a museum about immigrants who are people who came on a big ship to Canada. We watched a movie about it, and a guard had to check them to see if they had diseases. Then if they were lucky they went on a train to other places in Canada. It made me think about what it was like back then.
We went on Fred The Bus, and he was free! There’s duck buses. Do you know what duck buses are? They’re buses that have a propeller on the back. They give rides and then they drive into the water and it’s a bus in the water. We saw a big ship that was driving with a tugboat on the back so it wouldn’t have any problems. It was the Queen Elizabeth II.
We went on the Cabot Trail. We visited a leather store and bought a spinning toy. You can’t touch it when it’s spinning because it’ll burn your fingers. We went on a hike where we climbed on a really steep wall. It was hard because a loose rock fell. I like throwing rocks off the cliffs.
We went to a really old place called Louisburg. We got to see what they would do back then. There was a lady who stole her boss’s money. She had to get locked up with her neck in an iron cuff. They did it on her hands too. The boss said, “Let’s hang her,” but they didn’t hang her. We saw a kitchen and there’s a weight and there’s a rope attached to it. It takes 20 minutes for it to get all the way to touch the ground. It runs a machine that turns this bar with some chicken on it by a hot fire. There are soldiers there, and they shot powder in their guns. They didn’t shoot real bullets because that could hurt someone. There was one lady and she was too short and she pointed her gun up too high in the sky.
We saw a puppet show. Molly was a puppet and she was in a sailboat and she found treasure, and it was herself. Bye Bye!

Sept 17
We went to Miscou Island and we went to Ms. Grace’s house. She’s nice and she gave us blueberry pie. There’s a beach there where I played with my dump truck. I threw rocks and saw fishing boats at the beach. I threw a herring fish into a bucket for a fisherman. And I’m glad I went there to see new things.
We’ve been at a campground with 500 sites. It was PEI standing for Prince Edward Island. Now we’re going to drive up onto a ferry and go across the ocean to Nova Scotia. I liked the campground a lot because the bouncy pillow was a trampoline but shaped like a pillow. It’s huge and sometimes 15 kids were bouncing at the same time. There was a swimming pool but there were big bugs in it.
Also there was a huge bike ride that we did and it was 15 miles long. It was really fun and we found apple trees and we ate some. The apples were really sour. It was kind of hard but I still had a lot of fun. After that we got some ice cream.
There were tall ships and there were four of them. They’re called tall ships because they’re tall sailboats. They were racing around PEI and only me and Dad got to see them. We saw the biggest one with two cannons. They didn’t shoot any balls or anything. They only shot gunpowder to get people’s attention to show that they were there. They were old ships. Right where the bow was, there was a net under so if a guy fell off the bow, he would fall into the net, not the ocean.

Sept. 9
We traveled until we came to a city called Cap-Chat. We found a campground. We had dinner and roasted marshmallows and we used the last of our sparklers. The next day we went to the harbor and we found sea urchins and Will found a jelly fish that doesn’t sting. The next day we went to the wind farm that made electricity. It had the largest vertical wind thingy in the world. We got to go inside it and it was awesome. We packed up and left Cap-Chat.
We finally came to a place that’s name was French and Robby can’t remember it so I’m going to call it Perce Rock town because that was the name of a big rock. But you can’t get too far there because you’ll get trapped when the tide comes in on an avalanching rock. That’s why we needed a guide. Unfortunately she only did the tour in French. After the rock we went to this really nice Ice cream store where there was frozen yogurt and Ice cream. And then we went to the cool pirate ship park with cool swings that were scary high. Then we left Perce.

Sept 2
I see the St. Lawrence River and it looks like the ocean. I see lots of birds, and also it’s salt water. The tide is so huge. It goes out farther than the biggest tree you ever saw. I liked skipping rocks on the water. We found some clams and little tiny bug fishies in tiny pools. It’s just like a regular lake without waves. My Dad spotted a submarine that they were going to use as a museum. There were these things holding it up, and it fell on its side out of the water because they dragged the submarine out. We camped at the submarine beach.
Today we had to do school. It’s harder than my school at Alaska. There’s barely any recess and the work is the same but there’s hardly any other kids. Then me and my Dad went on a long walk. We spotted big clams, got the camera and took pictures of the submarine. We went and saw the museum where a ship sunk. It was a cruise ship from a hundred years ago so it was old fashioned. 1000 people died. You know how it sunk? A big cargo ship saw it and it tried to stop but it couldn’t. It crashed into the cruise ship in the middle, and it filled up with water and sunk. And we got to see a lighthouse and go up it. It was 99 years old. You know how they got those windows up when they broke? They had pulleys to lift up the glass. You can see really far from the top of the lighthouse and I saw a big cargo ship.

September 1, 2008
At the Clayton, NY boat museum we looked at really, really old boats. One was named “Pardon Me” and at Canada where our cottage is, there’s another boat called “Pardon Me II.” We saw cool things like a huge boat that we got to go in but it couldn’t move because the engine wasn’t on it. A long time ago, there was a king and he was really rich. When he died he sold it to another man and then that man sold it to the museum and that’s how it got there. They had little tiny boats that you had to wind up.
We went back to Canada and we went to Quebec. We’ve never been here before. It’s unusual because there’s a different language here. Most people speak French. Staying at Isabelle’s house was really fun because there’s a pool, a trampoline, a dog, and some bikes we could do tricks on. I really liked the pool because we played Marco Polo with my brothers and Isabelle’s kids. The ones I played with the most were Maximillion and Juliette. Juliette knows the most English. Their house was huge and it was almost 200 years old. They have a huge yard with chickens and meat chickens and turkeys and roosters. We like feeding them, picking up the meat chickens, and finding the eggs.
We went to Mr. Mathieu’s work and he was the boss. We got to see little tiny plastic pellets. Also, we got to see a guy with a huge cutting knife that cut all the plastic up. Then the pellets will get used for all kinds of stuff like toys and plastic things. And then we went to Montreal. We went into this BioDome. It was a big building with penguins, huge fish, turtles, alligators, ducks, birds, and a lot of animals. This was different from a zoo because the Olympics were there. There wasn’t any cages. There was a bird that was only 2 inches away from Dad’s head. You can’t do that in a regular zoo because we were in the cage with the animals. It’s like a petting zoo. Also, we went to the insect place and there were stick bugs fatter than your finger nail. I liked watching the bees because there’s a tube with all these holes and we got to watch what the bees did in the hole. We watched the bees spit the honey out. There were ants getting food from one tree and then bringing it over to another tree. Some ants were carrying bigger things than their bodies.
Then we went to dinner at a deli in Old Montreal with really healthy food for you and it tasted really good. When we were eating dinner they had a really old movie playing. Mom said it was the oldest movie in the world with Charlie Chaplin. We might get a movie of it because it’s so funny. At Montreal we saw a church. People went there to pray all the way up the stairs. It was a huge hill. Also, people prayed there with their wheelchairs and crutches, and then they walked away and left their wheelchairs.
And we just left a really fun campground with a playground, a hamburger slide, and we climbed on top of it. Yesterday we went to Quebec City. You know how we got there? We went there on a ferry boat. It was pretty fast. We watched a really awesome movie and it was outside. There was a whale and it came up on the picture and it squirted water out. The screen was not a real screen. It was buildings for corn silos. There were so many people and it was really great. I think I know why all the people went there because it was free. Almost all of it was music, or whale sounds, or trains. We didn’t take one bus. We only walked and walked and walked. Then we went to this really cool show with three men. There was a guy on a bike who did tricks. The three men were really funny and the main thing they could do was flips, stand on their heads, dance. One time they had squirt guns and they said put your hands up or we’ll squirt you. Then they squirted a little boy to make it look like he wet his pants! Also, we saw a really cool show with only one guy with a drum tied to his back. He had strings tied to his boots. He did 5 things: a guitar, a harmonica, kazoo, drums, and those 2 metal things (symbols). Also, he sang. Every time he pulled his foot down really hard it would bang the drum and the symbols. He was really talented. It was a one-man band.
Quebec was really hilly. The buildings are really fancy and old and look like a castle. The streets were made out of bricks and cement. We walked up lots of stairs and looked down on a huge river called the St. Lawrence. We saw big sailboats and really huge ships going to the ocean. We saw a parade with a Chinese dragon that seemed like a mile long that zigzagged across the street. Quebec was made 400 years ago.

August 27, 2008
At Frost Point I had lots of fun. I feel awful now about leaving Frost Point. Also, I like the people there because they’re all my cousins, brothers, and friends.
We’ve been driving around in our RV and going to new places. Yesterday we went to Dunes Beach and we swam and we ran down the dunes and did jumps off these steep dunes. The lake was Lake Ontario and it’s one of the Great Lakes. We played tag. Then we crossed into the United States and we had dinner at Linda’s cottage. We are staying at a campsite right by Linda’s house. We went swimming in the pool, and now we’re going to a different place. We threw down a bottle in the deep end and then swim down to get it.

August 17, 2008:
Today we are here at Canada still. We were going in the speed boat and I got up my first time on the wake board. I didn’t cross the wake. The wake is the big wave from the boat. I finally know how to cross the wake without falling. I really want to do a jump soon off the wake.
Also, there are all my cousins: Tucker, Avery, Logan, Lauren, Erin, Duncan, Sushila, and Alex. It’s really fun because I have lots and lots of people to play with.
We go waterskiing. We also have a really, really old boat named the Frowildo and it’s an old fashioned boat. It’s super long and sometimes I get to drive it. We have a tiny, tiny fishing boat that Robby and Will get to drive all by themselves. It’s one that doesn’t have a steering wheel but you twist the handle in the back to drive the boat. We catch minnows, that are tiny, tiny fish that we use for bait and they really work.
We fish for perch, rock bass, and sun fish. Will cooked up a sun fish yesterday. Opa caught a pike too. My favorite place to fish is off the boathouse. There are millions of fish there. Opa fishes with frogs as bait.
We have this blue trampoline out in the water with an anchor on it and you have to swim there or go by a little kayak. It’s fun and we only get to go swimming when there’s an adult or we’ll get in trouble. The trampoline has a hotdog attached to it and you have to run really fast to get to the very end. You need really good balance. We have a push off contest. Whoever can push off the most people wins. Uncle Eric usually wins because he throws people off there!
I like the sandy beach because there are lots and lots of trucks there. You can make towns and huge roads. Duncan is 4 and we like to play at the beach the most.
I want to stay here for two months. But we’re not going to. I’m going to be really sad to leave this awesome place.

July 22, 2008:
I’m in Canada now, at Frost Point. I stayed here for 3 nights and we’re going to stay here for a long time. My favorite thing that I’ve done here so far is going in the speed boat. My Dad just got it yesterday and it was on the back of the car on the trailer. I really like to go fishing and swimming. We use worms and we catch rock bass and we catch sun fish and rainbow fish. We fish at my boat house. And a boat house is where boats stay. It’s like a little tiny building and it’s like a shed for your boat in the water.
We go to a lake to go swimming and we can walk there because it’s in our back yard. I can’t remember the name of it, but my Mom says it’s called the Rideau. We have a hammock outside by two trees, and we have a floating dock. You don’t walk out there. You have to swim out there to get on it.
Our cousins are going to come here soon and we’re going to have lots of fun. Nana and Poppa are here and they just got here yesterday and they stay in the bungalow. The mosquitoes aren’t really bad except at night time. Today I want to go water skiing!

July 17, 2008:
I’m sitting down on a camping stool in our RV. We are on lakes that don’t have beaches. We are at Canada and it’s sunny. I wear shorts and no shirt and bare feet. I’m getting blonde because the sun keeps shining on my hair. I went fishing but I didn’t catch any fish. The fish were too full from all the minnows and I was fishing with a worm. I was hoping to catch a rainbow sun fish.
Yesterday we picked up one hitchhiker and he went in our RV. He was a teenager and his name is Keith. He lost his bus ticket and he had to get home so he wouldn’t miss work. He was a cook. We played and played at the park. We swam in Lake Superior. It was so shallow. I was way out there and I could touch the bottom and it was warm. Lake Superior is the deepest of the Great Lakes. A giant, giant ship with big, rusty sides was so close to me. It was going to the locks and it gets really skinny. We saw the locks and the way how locks go is the boat drives in from one lake. Then the lock goes down to the same level as the other lake and then the boat drives out. We got stamps in our passports. The mosquitoes were really bad last night so we had to smack them and use mosquito spray.

July 15, 2008:
We are at Michigan, and we’re going to Canada tomorrow. We just stopped at a beach and we went swimming and horse flies were chasing us all around. We caught little tiny frogs and pollywogs. We were at the Huron Lake and it was freezing cold. We’ve been at Cousin John’s house and we went swimming at Lake Michigan. Sushila, Alex, my brothers, and Georgia, my other cousin, and Cousin Steve went swimming with me and went to Cousin Georgia’s grandfather’s house. We went out on a tiny raft boat that can only carry two people, but it’s made for only one. We flipped it.
We parked our RV at this RV camp. We were really close by John and Laura’s house. We went to the park and played on the swings, and played swing tag. It’s really, really fun. You get to hang on to the bars and stuff. Will made it up. We played baseball there. We walked down a bunch of steps to get to the beach. I brought down my dump truck to play with.
Cousin Steve didn’t recognize Ben and he thought that Ben was only an inch long. He thought that Ben was still a baby! Cousin Steve is really, really, really funny. Cousin Georgia likes to play with Sushila. We’re going to see Cousin Georgia at Canada and Massachusetts.
I went body surfing. When the wave is just about to curl, you jump down into the water and get as straight as you can and let the wave push you all the way to land. I really liked to do that and I did it with my brother, Will. He’s really good at it and he did it the most.
We’re going to Frost Point. I’m excited about our speed boat that we have at Canada.

July 11, 2008
We are in Michigan. We went to a place that had old fashioned cars, trains, and old fashioned stuff all over. It was fun being at the really old school because Dad was the teacher. I learned about roundhouses where trains get fixed. And we went to the glass house and they made something out of glass. They burnt it and they shaped it when it was soft. Henry Ford is famous for making cars and he made really famous cars here.
Bea is a really nice woman and she has a swimming pool in her house. It’s really small but it’s really fun because there’s something that makes current and there’s a shower in it. There’s this level that you turn it to make it faster and slower. We were trying to swim up it and it was hard. There’s 2 little kids named Nicolaus and Iker and they’re really fun to play with. Iker got flipped over in the swimming pool but Will and my Dad picked him up just in time. He was a little bit scared.
We all went to the zoo. We saw elephants and giraffes, and rhinoceros. My favorite kind of animal that I saw there was the cheetah. I really liked the orangatun actually. He looked at me and he was chubby. It was really, really warm and the animals went to sleep. The monkeys were really active. Dad got us blue slushies.
I see an orange sun that’s ending. It’s a sunset. We went swimming in a big lake today. Its name is Lake Erie. It’s really, really shallow. We saw seagulls that almost killed Robby. They tried to keep us away from their eggs. They were trying to scare us off. We were freaked out.

July 7, 2008:
Today I went swimming with Sushila, Will, Ben, Alix, and Jena at a big, big lake called Lake Michigan. It was really fun. Yesterday we went to giant sand dunes and we went swimming. I liked climbing on them and rolling down them. I had to slow down once because I ran really fast and then I fell down. It’s sunny and puddly out, and last night it was really rainy and I couldn’t go to sleep because of the rain and thunder and lightning. It was really sunny the last few days.
We are visiting Sushila, Alex, Cousin Laura, and Cousin John and the cottage is a log cabin and it’s really big. It’s on a hill and it’s 10 seconds until you get to the beach. It’s really sandy and the lake is like the ocean. I really like it here.

July 3, 2008:
We were just at Minnesota and now we’re at Wisconsin. When we were at Minnesota we saw a demolition derby. It was really, really really loud because their mufflers came out of their engines. It made my belly hurt because I thought about if I was out there it would be freaky. It was fun to watch. They try to crash and bring down all the others ones and breaking them down and still keep going. They run into each other. My favorite was #99 and he went to the finals and came in 2nd place. Yesterday we got to play with little gas-powered trucks. It was remote control and I liked it because they are really fast and can go off jumps. Me and Will are hoping to get one for Christmas.
Today it’s hot and today I went to the park and went swimming and played golf at our camp site (RV park). The mosquitoes are really bad and big. I have 17 mosquito bites on my feet and so I put Afterbite on them.
I really like skate boarding parks because you can do jumps and it’s fun catching some air. I was on rollerblades. Also, there was Ben, Will, Robby, Dad and Mom all on roller blades. We saw lots of geese, and I found a really big feather. They kept chasing Will because he had lots and lots of bread. They pooped on the sidewalk!

June 30, 2008
We are in South Dakota and we went to a farm. We milked cows, and sat on a horse, and held lots of cats. My favorite kitten was named Diego. When I milked a cow, the udders were kind of squishy and milk was coming out. The milk went into a big silver bottle. We saw baby cows and they kept sucking on my fingers. They had a dog and his name was Buddy and it was a guard for the calfs. I petted the sheep and the colors of them were white and black. They were really soft.
We met the DeLange’s and we went on a bike ride with them. We brought our bikes for everyone in our family. It was our first bike ride. It was really fun because we saw lots of bunnies and there was a baby bird that fell out of a really high tree. We parked the RV right by a really fun pool and we were just a block away from the DeLange’s. We went off the water slide and there were water fountains.
In North Dakota, we cleaned our car and it was really dirty. Me and Ben played with all the bubbles and sprayed the hose.

June 26, 2008
Now I’m seeing some tractors, and it’s flat here. We’re in Canada. Yesterday it was mountainy and we were sandwiched by mountains. We saw an elk, a deer, lots of ducks and geese and we saw stone sheep. We stopped at a pond and saw some stone sheep. We saw some waterfalls and it was dangerous. I was pretending that I was a little dirt bike. I like to go off little drop-offs and make sounds like a buzzing bee. We were in a national park and the sign said we can’t go off the path because we would destroy nature. And we saw lots of flowers. We went to a giant hotel; the biggest one I ever saw. It was nice and it was by a lake (Lake Louise in Alberta). We saw lots of diamonds in the hotel. Our motor coach is kind of small for a house, but it’s big for an RV. We get to see lots of different places and make lots of friends. We have to do lots of jobs like washing the dishes and keeping it nice. I like laying on my Mom and Dad’s queen-sized bed and look out the window. My bed is really comfy. I sleep on pillows in my sleeping bag.

June 22, 2008
My Mom’s typing this, but these are all my ideas. I’ll miss my friends at post (Ft. Greely) because I like playing with them. The RV had something wrong with it. The refrigerator had to be turned off because of a weird smell. But now there’s no more weird smells. It’s fun because we get to see lots of new people. I like staying on the side of the road seeing the river. I like going fishing in the lake and going kayaking in our little red boat. You have to blow it up with air from my Dad’s pump. I like sleeping on the cushions on the floor. I like seeing the muskrat and it made a sound like “pfffff.” I like going in the pool at White Horse because it has a water slide, rope swing, and a lazy river. I had to take a swim test to go on the rope swing. I want to say Hi to Chance, Tabin, and Miss Leanna, Miss Susan and Chief Siers. I hope I can see you again when I come back!