Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31

Today is Halloween and we’re going to Uncle Eric’s house. We just left New Jersey and we had a really fun time visiting Mr. and Mrs. O’Neil, Matthew, Sarah, and Kayla. We went to New York City and we got to see the Empire State Building. It’s really windy at the top of it, and I could see far because it wasn’t cloudy. My favorite things to see were boats on the Hudson River, and tiny people. They were tinier than my fingers! We got to go on this really cool boat and the tour guide asked where we were from. I walked up and talked into his microphone, so he let me sit in the captain’s chair and steer for a little bit. We saw the Statue of Liberty and it was green and white mixed together like turquoise. It was huge, and was the biggest staue I ever saw. Her toe was bigger than 11 people! We saw huge buildings and two long, huge bridges called the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. At night time, we saw so many cool lights in Times Square. I lit a candle and said a prayer at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. There were so many statues there. We rode a train under the river to New Jersey and I sewed my puppy on the train.
At West Point is where my Dad went to college. There was a pool so deep there where he learned how to scuba dive. My favorite thing we did was gymnastics and the obstacle course. I had to army crawl under some bars and then I had to jump over a bump. Then I had to climb a net and do monkey bars and jump off. Next I had to jump through a tire thing, walk a balance beam, climb a wall, and then run 3 laps around a track. I had to climb down a rope and then I was done. We saw a football game and the Army team won. It was really fun. We saw people in grey uniforms called cadets. We went to a boy named Bradley’s house, and he has lots and lots of nerf guns. His Dad is Colonel Johnson and he gave Ben an Army hat. We played air hockey and had a lot of fun there. We made a friend with Colonel Knott’s son named Aaron. Will accidentally pushed Robby down too hard, and Robby has to use crutches. His ankle is wrapped in a bandage. It’s not broken but it’s and
We went to a campground. It was so cold it was snowing! We went in a paddle boat. Before that, we were at Mystic, CT. We saw a woman in a blacksmith’s shop make a hook for a hat. When we went into the printer’s shop, there was a boy named David and he’s going around the world on a sailboat. He’s home schooled too with Calvert just like us. We played in the park together. We saw boats that teenagers learn how to sail in the summer. Also, I went on one boat but it didn’t go anywhere. When it goes into the water, it tips so that one side of the deck goes underwater that they use for fishing.
Right before that, we were at Rhode Island and it’s the first place that I got to play with my fishing boat. We saw so many crabs under rocks. I grabbed the biggest one and we started collecting a whole bunch. Some only had some legs and one claw. Then we let them all go. We went on a walk called the Cliff Walk. Right on the left of us was a huge cliff into the Atlantic Ocean. We saw huge mansions on the way that they called summer cottages.
Before Rhode Island, we went to Boston. At Concord we got to see a movie about the Revolutionary War. I got a book called Sam The Minuteman. I really like it. In Boston, we rode lots and lots of trolleys. We saw the Boston Harbor, lots of statues, and Fenway Park where they play baseball. There are awesome fountains that go in a pattern and I got blasted two times. It chases you around in circles. It was so much fun.
We went to a restaurant with Cousin Sally and Jeffrey Bump. There were lobsters. You know hnow you can tell if it’s a boy or girl lobster? If it’s squishy right before the tail, it’s a girl. If there are these feathery things, it’s a girl. If it’s hard, then it’s a boy.
We went to Cousin Steve’s and one of his best friend’s house. We had lots of fun with all these erf guns. I played with Cousin Georgia and I saw her school and got to play at their park.

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