Saturday, November 15, 2008

Elkridge, MD

Today we are at Maryland and we are really having fun with Kira, Hannah, Julia, Troy, Shane, and Chipper. These aren’t new friends. We used to live here in the house right next door. Ms. Sharon is the best cook I ever saw!
At Uncle Eric’s house, he had a good time at Halloween and got lots of candy. I was a banshee with white and orange hair! I got to go trick or treating with my cousins. Uncle Eric was the grim reaper and he tried to be a statue. Somebody walked up and touched him and then he scared the wits out of him!
We went to the park and played hide and go seek. I rode my bike and went roller blading, and went scootering too. We did a lot of school there and I finished another green test. We went to this awesome corn maze. We had a lot of fun. We wanted to get to the middle of the maze before anybody. Uncle Eric was a good spotter, and he looked over the corn to find everybody else. There was a huge slide. Will would grab us when he went down. I accidentally touched the hay and my head started scratching into the hay. We played this awesome game. We played tag on this huge trampoline with about 30 people.

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