Monday, November 24, 2008


We are in The Netherlands now, and I’m looking at a map. I just saw new and huge wind mills out my window. It’s pretty flat here. It was so snowy, and now it’s slushy and sunny. We saw a really cool toy museum, and Ben got a choo-choo train and Dad bought a spinning top. There was an awesome fair. You could press a green button and all these things would move. It was old fashioned, like a history museum of toys and legos. There were dolls, teddy bears, planes, warriors, and giant legos. There were huge legos of star wars, a huge church from Brussels that was taller than my Dad. It was so big that they had to make a hole in the ceiling.
We’ve been staying at youth hostels. It’s not as nice as hotels, and it’s cheaper with lots of bunk beds. You have to make your own bed, and it’s very clean. The first one that we went to, you had to bring your own food. The last two were much nicer, and we ate at their kitchen.
There was a boy statue that was about 3 and he was 3 and smiling! We were in Brussels. We went to a really cool flea market and it was like one mile long. There are hats, sweaters, and really good food and candy. We bought gloves, hats, a sweater, oranges. It was really snowy and windy. One of the guy’s big umbrellas fell over, and there was trash flying around.
We went into this one place called the Grand Plaza and people were singing. Everybody was rubbing this statue of Jesus for good luck. It’s the biggest building and there were lots of statues.
We went to a different town called Mons, Belgium and there was a fair. We had a great time. I shot a ball that was floating with a pellet gun and hit it every time. We gave all our points to Will and he got an awesome lighter. We went in the Haunted House. It wasn’t scary, but these guys would light up. At one part there was a lady who screamed because her husband went Boo. She was rubbing Robby’s face in the dark!
Before that we were at a neat park in Luxembourg. It was a pirate ship and had a big slide. There were a lot of cool statues. We got to go into another church and it was huge. There was a statue of an angel stabbing a bad man in the head with a spear. It was not flat there. It had steep hills.
At Germany, we went to this one castle and it was like 50,000 years old (not really). It was really big. We got to go in it and we saw statues, a bat, and the prince’s rooms. A princess wrote 60,000 letters! It’s called Heidelberg. We went to Ms. Karin’s house and her house was huge with an elevator. She had a pool and we went skinny dipping! We had a great time. On the roof there was a garden. They had a sauna and a steam thingee. There was a current in the swimming pool so you can swim against it. Ms. Karin was really nice and she knows my Nana.
The plane ride was really long. It took all night long. I got the biggest sleep because I was lying down on 3 seats! There were lots of Army soldiers on the plane and they were going to Iraq. It was my favorite plane because it was really cool and it was free because Dad’s been in the Army. There were empty seats for us.

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