Sunday, November 30, 2008

Switzerland, France, Holland Nov 29

We are driving to Switzerland. We visited some people that my Mom lived with for 2 months and their names are the Perrachon Family. There’s one boy’s name and he’s 13 and his name is Julien. We played lots of games and had fun. They have 2 dogs named Comet and Lisa. They live in a 150 year old house that was nice. Mrs. Perrachon cooked us really good food. We went to see my Mom’s work place for grapes and she made wine there. Will, Ben and I went in a wine tank! We got some really yummy juice.

In Paris, it’s a huge city. We met a girl named Yolanda who likes me a lot and I like her. She used to babysit Will and Robby. We went to an art museum and it was big. I saw a really famous painting named Lisa (Mona Lisa!). We went on a huge Eiffel Tower that was tall, and it was dark out with dark blue lights. I saw the whole city and lots of boats on the river. I played with my brothers a lot, and I skipped so much that my knee hurt the next day.
At Paris, they don’t do Thanksgiving because it’s only for America. We went to a Chinese restaurant and it was really fancy. When we were going to the Eiffel Tower, we took a metro and it was really fast.
At Holland, there was an awesome youth hostel and it had a bar and a pool table. I learned how to play pool! There were really cool, fun people there and I really liked it. In Amsterdam it’s really cool. We took a train in and Will and I played cards. We went on this boat tour in the canals. There was a sunken speed boat, and lots of sunken fishing boats. Amsterdam is famous for its canals and they’re really skinny. There’s one story about a dam, and there was a leak. A little boy was riding his bike and he stopped to put his finger in it. He was there for 12 hours and he saved the city because it could have flooded the city!
One of the other places we went to was Anne Frank’s House and we bought 2 books. We saw the secret hideout in a pretty big room. These bad soldiers were going to kill all the Jews. So this secret hideout had a bookshelf that would open and close. They had to duck under the windows. They were there for 2 years, and there were 8 people hiding. Jews got really skinny because they didn’t get much food at the bad camp. Anne got really sick and died. It made me kind of mad and sad.
There were lots of bicycles. My Mom and I almost got run over by them! There are one million people and one million people in Amsterdam. There was a yoyo man who put this thing over his head and it was really funny.
People don’t speak English here sometimes. They speak French, German, and Dutch. It makes me want to learn another language so I can talk in other countries. There’s a huge castle right outside the window! We’re in Switzerland. The mountains are huge and snowy like Alaskan mountains.

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