Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Switzerland Dec 1

We saw Mr. Frits and Ms. Lisa and we had a great time there. They have a dog named Fargo. Their house wasn’t like other people’s houses because it’s 800 years old. We got to stay in her apartment. Her spaghetti dinner was really good. They live next to a HUGE lake. I really like Fargo the Wonder Dog. We went to a huge dam where James Bond jumped off, well James Bond didn’t do it but a stunt man who looked like James Bond did. When we come back, Will and I want to bungee jump off it. It was really cold. If you threw a big snowball off the dam, it would make a huge sound like a gunshot. I rode in Mr. Frits’ Smart Car and it was awesome. We’re going to the airport so we can go back to the United States.

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