Friday, December 19, 2008

Back in the USA

Dec 19
I am in a car going to Mrs. Tone’s house, and I’m going to play with Jack and Alex. At the campsite, I’ve been playing with some of my new friends like Truman and Nathan. We’re camping at Maryland at an Army base. I chop a lot of weeds and I ride my bike. We’ve mainly been doing a lot of school and it’s really boring. I’ve been learning cursive, and I’m in first grade!
My whole family went rollerblading in a roller skating rink! It had disco balls and smoothies. It started to do a disco ball, and it did only boys, and only girls. It did slow skating, and really fast skating. There were guys who did all these tricks on their roller skates. This one man did a duck squat. He took off one skate, put it beside him, and then sat on it when he was moving. I did more laps than anybody because I kept going so fast. My Mom was learning to skate backwards for her first time, and she got pretty good.
Ben’s eye was really scary. It was as big as a golf ball. It was a really cool hospital with a little tiny playground, and a teen room with all kinds of videos. He was there for 3 nights, and now he’s in the car and he’s really grumpy.

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