Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Today we are in the Air Force Academy and the state is Colorado. Our campsite is pretty cool because there’s a park that’s really big here. Also I bought a paper airplane. There’s this little stick with a rubber band on it. You pull it back and shoot it and it goes over 100 yards!
We visited our friends named Spencer and Clayton. They just moved here from Alaska, and their whole family is here. We went back in the woods and played Cops and Robbers. There’s a train on the train tracks.

We saw Carmen Bowen. Today she’s having her birthday and she’s turning 8. Carmen was my neighbor back in Alaska before Colonel Hildreth moved in. Carmen’s mom and dad are really, really nice. We went to their house and it was an awesome house. They have a greyhound and her name is Polly and she’s really fast. The fastest she went was 49 miles per hour! She used to be a race dog and then she retired. We played Monopoly, and also I gave her one of those rubber band planes. She really liked it!

We went to a really awesome ranch and Mr. Roger and Ms. Sue own it. There’s a Bobcat and I got to drive it! There are two levers on it. One’s for steering and the other’s for moving the bucket. We planted 100 strawberry plants for Ms. Sue. First, there was kind of a big hole. We had to smooth that out. We put these heavy railroad ties on it. We put wire there so the ground hogs won’t eat them. We put dirt down, smoothed it out and planted it.

We got to drive a 4-wheeler, and a horse named Dusty. They have another horse named Ladybug. Ladybug is all black. Dusty is all black with a white strip down his nose. It was pretty smooth riding the horse. When we got hungry, Mr. Roger cooked up a huge bucket full of food with shrimp, corn on the cob, and potatoes. He boiled it and then dumped it on the table! We put the butter right on the table to butter our corn. It was a fun, messy dinner. It was a dream come true. Then we went in their house. My brothers and I changed into our underwear and went in their hot tub! They have 3 dogs. One’s Annie, one’s Red, and one’s Corky. Annie went under the cooking pot and she singed her hair and almost caught on fire! I love their ranch!

We saw Ms. Ronda and Mr. Gene at a really small church. We wanted to see them again and they’re leaving today to move to Alabama. One person started crying because Gene is leaving.

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