Saturday, June 20, 2009

Colorado Springs, CO

In Colorado we went on a camping trip with the Bailey’s. We hiked up to a reservoir in the mountains and it was steep and hard to climb. We spent one night up there. We had a big campfire, and we went swimming, and it was awesome. It was Spencer’s first hike in his life! We found Fools’ Gold all over. Will got a twisted ankle pretty bad by falling off some steep rocks. I puked in my sleeping bag because I ate way too many marshmallows.

We’ve been doing a lot of school. Most days were boring at the library for me. I got to watch movies while my brothers were doing school. I finished my school already, so I can play most of the time. My brothers have less than 2 weeks left.

Last Sunday we thought it was Father’s Day. But it was too early. So we had Father’s Day on the wrong day! Then we went to Zach’s house and it was really fun. Their house is pretty big, and we played outside and in the basement. And Amen is about three, and he’s a lot bigger than the last time I saw him.

Also we went to the Bailey’s house for a sleepover. That was before the campout. We watched The Dark Knight and played Rock Band and had the best time. We ate a really good dinner that was lasagna. Mrs. Bailey is the best cook. She made this awesome dessert. It was a whole bunch of layers with cream and cake and fruit. It was so good! It was sugar-free except one part.

We went to Garden of the Gods. It’s like a whole bunch of sandstones stacked up and you can climb on them. They’re over a thousand years old. Some are a million years old. We went on a bike ride and it started raining. There’s a really cute town called Manitou Springs. It has a really cool park because it wasn’t normal. It had a merry-go-round that’s tilted. When you walk on it, it spins. We had ice cream, and they had a natural spring with soda water. It tasted horrible.

Colorado is almost like Alaska but not as cold. It’s really country. And the mountains are huge. I’d really like to live here. I shot a bird with Will’s BB gun. It only lived for a day. It was blue and really small. It fell out of the tree, and I felt bad. I named it Flapper. I spent a lot of time with Flapper and I gave it water, but I couldn’t find any food. When it died, I buried it and made a cross for it. Now it’s outside. I’m going to shoot cans from now on.

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