Monday, June 1, 2009

Iowa and Chicago

May 29, 2009
Today we are in Missouri. We just drove through Iowa. My Mom’s Grandma grew up in Iowa. Yesterday we ice skated in Iowa and it was just us. There was no one else ice skating! We climbed one tree and it was really good climbing because there were a whole bunch of branches. We met a dog named Sonny. He was really nice.

Before that, we were at Lake Michigan, the campground at the Navy base. We went swimming on the base, and bowling too. I got a strike when I went bowling. I don’t use the bumpers. We went kayaking way out to a big cool lighthouse. We all went, and we all had our own kayaks. We went to a Memorial Day Ceremony. There were a whole bunch of chairs looking out over Lake Michigan, and we were thinking of everyone in the military. They had really good donuts and food.

Also, we went to Chicago and met Matt and Julia, and Sophia and Alex. That was really fun because we got to meet them again. The last time we saw them was in Florida at Disney World. In Chicago, we went on a boat ride. We rode bikes to the zoo. We saw kangaroos, silver back gorillas, a zebra, and a whole bunch of monkeys in the monkey house. We saw a little baby one that was getting held by its mother. It was brown, not black.

We went up a tall building that seemed like it was a mile high. We were above the clouds. My ears popped in the elevator. We had pizza that was so thick I couldn’t even finish one slice! We played the werewolf game with Sophia and Alex, and it was really fun.

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