Thursday, June 4, 2009

Liberty, MO and Ft. Leavenworth, KS

June 3

Next we went to a person’s house, and their names are Mac, Christine, Mr. Mike, and Ms. Susan Conge. And they have a dog, and his name is Duke. He is a Yellow Lab, and he’s one year old. Their house is pretty big, and they have a big trampoline in their back yard! We played with water with Duke and everything. We all got soaked, and it was really fun. We slept over at the Conge’s house two nights, and one night at our RV. We played a lot of games with them.

And then we went to Dylan’s house. Dylan is another boy and he’s 12. He lives there with his brother and his sister and his mom and dad. We played with their dog named Leo, and then we went to this play. It was really cool but I didn’t really get it. It was written by Shakespeare about old-fashioned stuff. We all played in the woods.

After that we left. We went to this campground on a giant river. It’s called the Missouri River and it’s all brown because of all the sand and dirt. It was humongous, and we couldn’t swim in there because it would swoop us away. We went to the Haney’s house, and caught a tiny little frog. Then we let it go. Then Ben caught another thing. It was a lightening bug, and he let it go.

Then we went to visit Olivia’s family. They’re really nice! Shelby and her parents live there too. We had a sleepover and it was really fun. We found a little bird that was alive. It could barely fly because it didn’t learn how yet. We put it in a little dirt hole, and then we went to a museum. When we came back, it was still there! Then we taught it how to fly.

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