Sunday, April 26, 2009

St. Louis, Missouri

Today we’re at St. Louis, Missouri and we’re visiting Dad’s friend from college. Mr. John, Ms. Robin, Nicole, Catherine, Mary, and Kelly are their names. Their house is giant, and I really liked doing the sleepover in their basement. They have a wii and they have exercise machines and ping pong.

Yesterday we went to this really big arch. It was like a big circle but the bottom was cut off. There were cranes that went up and they put big triangles made out of steel on top of each other. We went on an elevator that doesn’t look like an elevator. There are these little seats for 5 people in a car, and there are 9 cars. I really liked going to the top because you could look out of the windows. I was really high, at 660 feet! Everything looked tiny, like a lake, the Mississippi River, and buildings.

We went to dinner at an Italian restaurant. The menu was in Italian. The spaghetti was so big that Ben and I split it. I finished mine, but Ben couldn’t eat all of his!

After that, we went to this really cool place called the City Museum. It wasn’t a museum; it was a giant playground! They call it a museum because there are all these antiques and wires that are really old. They made them into tunnels and we could go through them. There was a jet and an airplane. Inside there were a whole bunch of tunnels called the caves. I got separated from my group, and then my Mom found me. We left there in the night time and I fell asleep in the car on the way home.

Before we came here, we went to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky and I got to feed a horse some peppermints. I really liked shooting at the skeet range and playing with my trucks in the mud. We did a lot of school there. Now I’m in 2nd grade because I finished 1st grade and it’s pretty hard.

Before that, we went to the Wild Horse Saloon. I got to play pool with Tucker and my brothers and Dad. Also, I danced a line dance. They call it that because a whole bunch of people do it at the same time in a line. It was fun. We went there because it was Will’s birthday. Will got a sweet rip stick and an air soft pistol for his birthday.

Then Tucker left. I really liked Tucker coming because it made it more fun. I hope he’ll come again.

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