Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tennessee and Florida

April 12

Today we just went to a giant fireworks store and now we’re in Tennessee. Our first stop was the fireworks store because Robby really wanted to come because he loves fireworks. They had a million fireworks. It was like Wal-Mart! Tennessee has a lot of hills and rocks. It’s beautiful.

This morning we got up early before the sun came up to go to church. Before church, I found my Easter basket! It was behind the queen’s throne. The queen’s throne is my Mom’s favorite seat in the front. In my Easter basket was googly green, that’s really squishy and cute, and has funny eyes. Also, there were lots and lots of candy. Church was outside on a picnic table at the campground. It was really cool because it wasn’t that long and we could look out at the lake.

We were at that campground for 4 days. It had a giant water slide, a pond, a pool, a skateboarding park, a play ground, a game room, an Easter egg hunt, and lots of bike paths. I met some friends and then I got to ride their dirt bike. It was really cool because it had training wheels on it, and it was a 50 cc. My Dad rode a much bigger dirt bike. I went too fast on a turn and got stuck in the woods.

I finished my last green test for first grade! My brothers are working hard on their 120 green tests. Also, last week we went to Luc and Lea’s house. They have an awesome pool, and I really liked playing with them. Luc is 7 like me, and Lea is 4. They have a cool toy helicopter that you fly in the air with a remote control.

We went to an awesome place called Gator Place. There was a really funny tour guide. He called up my Mom and told her that she was going to wrestle an alligator. She got really scared. Then he brought out a small alligator with a strap around its mouth so it couldn’t bite. My Mom held it, and then everybody else got to hold it.

The airboat ride had an airplane engine and it was really noisy. It’s called an airboat ride and you go around, and the driver went really fast. The water was only 4 inches deep, but the mud was 4 ft. deep. We didn’t get stuck in the mud because our airboat doesn’t sink down. We saw a peacock too, and awesome fish in the canal. We saw about 10 alligators too.

Key West was a really nice place. I love Key West and going to Dry Tortugas. Also I really liked holding Lucy, the parrot. She was green and blue and red. She kind of bit me, and her tongue is shaped like a thumb. It’s really dry and she uses it to hold food, and she also uses it to bite the cage and climb. I made a coconut fish. We got a coconut from palm trees, and then drilled holes and put little sticks in it for fins. We put little seeds for eyes and glued them, and then painted it pink, blue, green, purple, yellow, and light blue.

Cousin Tucker is coming here in one day!

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