Monday, April 20, 2009

Huntsville, Alabama

April 19
We’ve been playing with Tucker now for one week, and it’s been really fun! Tucker is a great cousin. Two boys sleep on the floor, and three sleep on the couch and air mattress. It’s really comfortable.

We shot air soft pistols at my Dad’s friend’s house, and her name is Mrs. G. I really liked this big gun. It wasn’t a pistol but a giant rifle. They have a big field with two chickens. Also, there’s a pond with a rope swing, and another pond without a rope swing. Ben and I went off the swing, and the water was cool. They have two boys named Tony and Chris.

Yesterday we went out with Trevor and Robert Armstrong to a lake. I got to ride in their Dad’s mustang and it’s fast and fun! The top was down and it was sunny. One day I’m going to have a car like that just like his (dark blue). We went to this lake and we went really fast through a giant mud puddle. We had two boats and we went around in those. I went swimming. Ben went swimming. I went supermanning into their boat. We caught minnows using nets right off the dock. There’s poison ivy, snakes and ticks and we didn’t get any of those things.

We went to Space Camp and it was cool. It’s a place for kids and adults to go and learn about space. I really liked it because I bought an awesome F117 stealth fighter. I had to build it. I learned about Apollo 13, and I really liked the movie we saw. It was about astronauts walking on the moon. I went on this cool ride called the G-wave and it spins around really fast. I want to go there as a student someday.

Ms. Ronda is a nice lady who we saw and she had dinner at our RV. She has grandchildren. They were really little when they were born and their lungs didn’t work very well. Now they’re OK and they’re at home.

We went to Mr. and Mrs. Campbell’s cabin, and we jumped off a boathouse that was 20 feet above the water. We were on a big lake. We got to feed crackers to fishies, and they were about 3 feet long. They are really slow, and you could stick your hand in because they don’t bite. Their cabin was small, and Mrs. Campbell’s Dad built it a long time ago. We went for a boatride, and I really liked it because we went fast.

We went to COL Lamb’s house. All the kids went playing around in the back yard. We had a fun time eating dinner and watching King Kong. Their house was very big and nice.

In Tennessee we went to the community center. We had fun playing Rock Band and I really liked playing drums. I sang two songs. Ben sang. Tucker sang too and he did really well. Will played guitar. We played Ninja Turtles, and I built a big tower with Lincoln Logs.
Today we’re having Will’s birthday party, and he’s going to be 12. His real birthday is in two days, but we’re celebrating it today before Tucker leaves.

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