Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nappanee, Indiana

May 2, 2009
Today we are in Indiana and I really like it because there’s a whole bunch of Amish people and they’re really nice. Amish people don’t use electricity. Also, there are a whole bunch of horses all over the roads and the towns.

Mom talked with an Amish lady in the laundry area. Her name is Ms. Sara. She is super duper nice. She let us go in her buggy, and we went to her farm. Buggies are like the carriages in the old days, and that’s what they use. I really like their home and they have a 2-week old calf (that’s a baby cow). They have a whole bunch of chickens. They’re not nice because whenever you go in the chicken coop, one rooster tries to run into you. We got 10 or 15 eggs in a bucket and Robby brought them to Ms. Sara.

We rode in the buggy to a guy’s house who takes off the old horse shoes and puts on new ones. He sands down the hoof because it grows like finger nails. He puts in nails and uses a hammer to do it. Boots was standing there and seemed a little nervous. He pooped at least three times, and Ms. Sara said whenever they get scared, they poop a lot.

He had a whole family and I got to use his pedal tractor. He has a farm and I got to pet the pony. Their girls wore dresses and they had white scarves on their heads. The boys wore blue shirts and pants with overall straps. I really liked their family. We went to a really cool store on the way home. There were clocks that went apart and songs played when it was a new hour. They had a whole bunch of toys too! After that, we got in the carriage and went back to the farm. We went in the top of the barn and we jumped into cushions. It was fun.

We’re at the Newmar place because we have some dents in our bins, and some of our electricity doesn’t work right. The Newmar people built our coach, and they’re going to fix it.

President Lincoln grew up in Springfield, IL. We went to the museum, and it’s the best place you can find out about how his life was. I learned that Lincoln was a very good man. He liked slaves and wanted to stop the slavery. He got shot by Booth in this theater. Booth didn’t get caught running away, and he broke his leg. Dr. Mudd helped Booth. And then Dr. Mudd went to Dry Tortugas because he helped Booth and so he was a prisoner. Booth died in a shootout. Also, we went to Dry Tortugas about a month ago and we saw Dr. Mudd’s cell. It was really, really dark. Dr. Mudd helped people there with Yellow Fever. Then they let him out and he went back to his family in Maryland.

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Steve Gall said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Nappanee. When you come back through town you may want to see if your parents will take you to La Fogata to eat - if you like Mexican food. Their food is excellent.

I wrote about La Fogata here.