Wednesday, May 13, 2009


May 9, 2009
Today we are going to Newmar again because they ordered parts for us. So we’re driving back to Indiana. We’re going to an Amish farm again for dinner in 2 more days.

We were just at Chicago, and we camped at a Navy base. There were a whole bunch of sailors who worked out and jogged at the campground. We went swimming at the pool, and I did really bad dives off the diving board. My brothers did a lot of school.

My Dad was in Chicago at a big wind turbine job fair. We got to go and see it. There were a lot of people there, and no kids. It’s a giant room full of advertisements about wind turbines that they were trying to sell. Wind turbines are really high and tall, and they have a big propeller that spins and makes electricity. I got trinkets and candy.

We went to a museum before that, and we went to Harry Potter’s place. We saw Harry Potter’s wand and clothes. At the gift shop, they sold wands for $40, and the wand that’s most popular is Voldemort’s!

The weather here was rainy, and some days it was really nice. It’s 58 F outside now and it’s daytime.

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