Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tampa, Florida

After the Turko’s house, we went on a really long drive. My Dad saw the place where he learned to jump out of planes. He told us there was a guy in the night time who was a pilot, and the road was all blocked off at the airport. He didn’t know the airport was closed, so he took off in his airplane and he almost hit a helicopter! We went to Florida, and we saw huge white beaches. Right when we were there at the campsite, we boogie boarded at the beach. Robby and Will went out in the kayak on huge waves. Then Ben and Robby went out and flipped it because the waves were so big. It was fun diving through the waves, but the crumbling waves were hard to dive through. It’s pretty cold. After that, we went to a state park that’s like a zoo. There were manatees, and their nickname is sea cow. They’re really nice, and we swam with the wild ones! They’re way bigger than me, and the baby ones are over a hundred pounds. They like to eat grass. They don’t eat other fish. The wild ones are really smooth, but the ones in the zoo have fish that eat all the algae off their backs. So their backs are as rough as sandpaper.
We caught a lot of hermit crabs at one of our campsites. They were pretty big. We would let them go after we caught them. We could see them come out of their shells. They were like octopuses.
At the zoo, there were lots more animals like birds, snakes, owls, and a river otter that would show off. Also, we went down and saw these fish. There were so many fish you couldn’t see through the water. There were lots of different kinds.
We did a lot of school again. I’ve been working on math like take away and adding. I am reading a lot, and my cursive is pretty good.
It’s kind of cool at this campground because there is a really nice pool. It’s heated and this morning we went for a swim to wake us up for school! Disney World is in 4 days!

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