Monday, January 19, 2009

Charlestown, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia

Jan 19
Today we left the Turko’s house. Their names are Janet, Robbie, Chris, and Mr. Turko. We didn’t meet their sister because she was on a skiing trip. They have a really nice house because they have a lot of room for stuff. It’s like a big, nice house all clean and shiny. We stayed there 3 nights, and we played wii. We climbed Stone Mountain that was all one big rock. It seemed like a mile straight up. We could see little lakes that looked like little pools. They have a basement and we really liked playing ping pong down there. They had trucks we could play with that are remote control. In their church were a lot of chairs and we helped with a service project for poor people. We put cookies in bags.
At Mr. Miles’ house, he made birds out of apples! He is a chef and a teacher. We got to go to the cooking school where we got chocolate cashews! Ms. Laura is his wife and she’s really nice. She has a little grandson and she really likes him. We spent 2 nights there and her house has really bright colors and sea shells.
We saw Nick, our friend from Alaska. They moved to South Carolina. We went to a park and played tag, and I almost got hurt on my bike. I’m OK. Nick has a brother, Adam, and a mom and dad. We had lasagna, and his little brother has an Elmo doll. It sings and talks and dances. Here’s an Elmo joke. What are two things Elmo doesn’t eat for breakfast? (lunch and dinner)!
Before South Carolina, we were at North Carolina. That’s where we saw Mr. Dennis. He was really nice, and has really nice kids. We had spaghetti there, and we played wii Super Smash Brothers. The kids are Adam and Hope. Adam really likes his school because he’s in a marching band. He plays the trumpet.
We did a lot of school there. We got so much done. I finished Test 100, so I’m over halfway done with first grade.
Before that, Ms Juliet and I made pastries with her for lunch. Chicken, sauce, and cheese were things we put in them. They have a swing that I played on with her kids.
Now we’re in Alabama, and soon we’re going into Florida.

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