Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cary, North Carolina, Jan 12

Now we’re at Mr. John’s house, and he’s Daddy’s friend from West Point. Their house is really big and there are a lot of children with us here! Four + four are eight kids. My Mom showed me where we are on the map, and we’re in North Carolina. We had a lot of fun. We went on a play date today, and we played with Funkys, and had nerf gun wars, and I played on Mark’s DS. Their house is a mansion, and they have a lot of cool toys.

We went to Williamsburg and we got to see a shoemaker. We got to see a glassblower at Jamestowne. It makes me think it was really hard to do things with your hands. I learned that glass is made out of sand, potash, soda ash, and lime.
Back in the old days, there were stocks where you put your head through this wooden thing. You don’t die, but you can’t get out. It’s for people who did bad things, like stealing. I went in it, and it was really weird and uncomfortable.

We camped by a beach and we made a friend named Anthony. The trees were really good to climb. There were a lot of cactuses. We went up on a ledge, and we weren’t supposed to be up there. Then we saw a sign that said, “Danger, stay off the hill.” So really quickly we went off there, and found some cool sea shells. We saw boats, and we saw the sun come up.
We went to the big Washington Memorial. We went up it in an elevator. We looked outside. There were pictures of what it looked like a long time ago when there weren’t very many buildings around.

We saw the movie Forest Gump, and we saw the Lincoln Memorial in the movie. So we got to see it in real life. It’s bigger than a house!
Then we went to a big museum and saw airplanes. There were a lot of things you can do. My favorite one was flying a model airplane and there were lots of fans blowing on it. It was really hard to make it steady. You could use your feet to move the tail, and you could move the stick to move the ailerons and flaps. We put a ball up in the air. It wouldn’t fall down because air was blowing up at it.

I saw an aircraft carrier. I flew an airplane landing on it with a joystick. We saw a movie of jets landing on aircraft carriers. We saw a movie about the crash king. He would crash into lakes, trees, and farmhouses! He was like a stunt man.

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