Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Long Point County Park, FL

March 4
Now we are at my favorite campsite. This is called Long Point. You can go swimming, fishing, play at the park, ride bikes, and so many other things. Last night I slept in a tent with my brothers. It wasn’t just camping outside of the RV. We had to go through the ocean in a kayak, and it was a deserted island. We camped on it! It was freaky because the trees were croaking at night! I really liked watching the jetboil that made the water boil so fast. Robby did it and made Top Ramen and oatmeal for us. It’s like a cup that’s a miniature stove. I slept well, and just slept in my underwear! We saw a whole bunch of lizards and pelicans.

Also, I get to paddle around here in our red kayak. I got to sit in the bow of a neighbor’s canoe on the water. Today, Dad said, “Hey look at the dolphin so close to land.” Then we saw dolphins herding fish. They get the fish in really shallow water, and then we saw the dolphins eating the fish.

I did a whole bunch of school, and I finished my green test 120.

Also, Nana and Poppa came. I played, and went surfing. I talked with them, and played Ruckus with Poppa. We had an awesome beach house. The neighbors were nice. We got to sleep in a great big bed. We could just walk on our walkway right to the beach. Nana and Poppa left to go to New York. It’s really freezing cold back at New York, and Nana was used to the warm weather here in Florida.

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