Thursday, March 26, 2009

Key West, Florida

Today we’re on another key called Key West. It’s the farthest key to the west. The keys are like these little islands made out of coral. We got our RV here not by a boat, but by a seven mile bridge.

We went snorkeling about five times. We got a boat that my Dad drove. It’s a speed boat that you get to rent. I really liked it because we went about 7 miles out and we went to Sand Key. This one is underwater and it’s really, really shallow. I loved it a lot because there are so many fish! We saw parrot fish, angel fish, and little ones that were all black with electric blue dots that hid in the coral. The parrot fish are curious about you and want to find out about you, and so you can get really close up to them. If you try to touch it, it shoots off. I like going snorkeling because you can dive and swim with the fish. There were these buoys that we hooked our boat up to. Right by us was a huge party boat. There were so many people snorkeling.

Mallory Square is my favorite place to go. There are all these street performers like a cool guy who has a guitar and is a one-man band. He has a harmonica, a giant drum, a kazoo, and stuff all over him. He has pipes that make really cool sounds. There’s a dare devil and he juggles a chain saw, a grenade, and a machete! After that, he lays down on a nail bed and then a lady stands on his chest. They were real nails because his back had lots of marks in it. There are jugglers, unicycles, and people who juggle fire. There was a lunatic with a whole bunch of cats, and he made the cats jump through a ring of fire! The people give them money. Also, people come there to watch the beautiful sunset that turns orange and purple (but Alaska is better!).

I really like this campsite because we’re only about 50 ft from the Gulf of Mexico. Also, we’re close to CYS and I can play tennis.

We went to Mel Fisher’s Museum and there’s a whole bunch of gold. He found a Spanish ship called Atocha and it was sunk. He found $400 million in gold, silver, emeralds, and pieces of eight. There’s a big gold bar and I got to lift it up! It was so heavy, and it was a foot long. We got to go to the southernmost part of the United States, and it’s in Key West.

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