Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Feb 20
Today I went boogie boarding and it’s when you look for a big wave. The good ones are when they’re curled and all white. You just push really hard with your feet and you jump on the board and the wave will push you. One time I went really fast and I got onto land. You don’t get sand up your nose or anything. You just get mouthfuls of salt water.

Poppa and Nana flew in and they’re visiting us from New York. They’re staying in a hotel, and we’re staying in our RV in their parking lot. Poppa really likes it because it’s comfortable. I like it because it’s close to the beach where we like to boogie board. There’s a swimming pool and Jacuzzi too.

I like talking with Nana and Poppa. They like watching us go out on the big waves. Today we did school. My three teachers were Dad, Mom, and Nana!

The campsite we were just at was my favorite campsite so far on this whole trip. There’s really good fishing for blues and whiting. There are pelicans that fish too! There’s a really cool swimming pond. Will and I saw 2 dolphins in the water next to our campsite. I really like the nature pond because there’s fish that jump out and birds that like to be in there. Here's a picture of me with a puffer fish we caught! We did school, school, and more school.

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